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4 Reasons to Get a Crown

Centreville VA General DnetistA dental crown is a restoration that completely replaces a tooth’s outer layer. It’s durable enough to support the force of chewing, yet beautiful enough to seamlessly blend in with your smile.

Do you need a crown? You might if you have a tooth that would put you in one of these scenarios:

1. Protect a Tooth After Root Canal Therapy

Crowns serve a very common purpose in covering teeth that have had a root canal. With all that reshaping and internal treatment, a tooth’s outer shell gets pretty weak after endodontic therapy. A crown helps hold everything together.

2. Repair Damage Too Big for a Filling

Cavities don’t automatically call for fillings. Some spots of decay are so extensive that they threaten the tooth’s nerve. Others can destroy so much tooth structure that there’s not enough left to retain a filling.

Dental crowns are that perfect filling alternative when the first treatment option proves insufficient.

3. Enhance Your Smile

You may simply opt for a crown to improve the look of a front tooth that’s uneven or deeply stained. Getting a crown could be the more effective and durable solution over teeth bleaching or a veneer.

Crowns can also serve as supports for a fixed dental bridge.

4. Reinforce Against Wear and Grinding

Whether due to acid erosion or a habit of grinding and clenching, your teeth may have lost a lot of protective enamel. A crown or two may be what saves your tooth from fracture or decay.

Whatever your restorative needs may be, remember that Smiles for Centreville has everything your teeth could need. Schedule a visit with one of our beloved Centreville dentists to find out if a dental crown can make your smile stronger.

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