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What Is it Really Like to Get a Root Canal?

Centreville VA General DentistYou’ve heard the rumors: “root canals hurt.” Or do they? Now that you think about it, you’re not sure if you even know someone who’s had a root canal.

A root canal isn’t the painful part – the reason why you need a root canal is what causes the hurt! If anything, endodontic therapy is what will provide relief.

What Pain?

Teeth are very sensitive by nature. When the tough outer enamel is breached, those touchy nerves are exposed to the outside world. That’s why a fracture can cause some throbbing nerve damage.

Advanced tooth decay that eats its way to the center of a tooth is also none too pleasant.

Once those nerves are compromised, they can’t be repaired. The only solution is to remove the damaged and dying pieces before they swell into an abscess.

Speaking of which, an abscess (which is the pus that forms around a dying nerve) is another condition that needs requires root canal treatment.

Again, the best solution for the pain is to take the dying nerve out of the tooth and fill in the empty space. This is exactly what a root canal does.

But What About the Procedure?

Before any drilling or filling happens, your tooth will be numbed with the help of local anesthesia. Despite their name, root canals are no worse than any other dental procedure.

The worst part may simply be that getting a root canal takes longer than getting other dental work done, thus having your mouth open longer.

Any lingering pain after the anesthesia wears off is short-lived. You can treat it easily with over the counter medication.

If you have any more concerns about getting a root canal in Centreville, contact our team at Smiles for Centreville for an appointment. We’ll be happy to help you out!

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