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First Tooth to Lost Teeth

Centreville VA Pediatric DentistAs a new parent, you might worry about when to bring your baby in for their first dental checkup. Regular preventive care is important for anyone with teeth, so when that first tooth comes all the way in, it’s time. For most children, that happens between 9 to 12 months. Even if they don’t have teeth yet, you should plan to schedule their first appointment at Smiles for Centerville by the time they turn one.

How Will You Check My Infant’s Teeth?

Working with an infant is, obviously, different than working with an adult. We won’t expect her to sit alone in the dentist’s chair or keep his mouth open for an hour. In fact, cleaning is not even the primary goal of the first few dental appointments! While you hold your baby or toddler in your lap, the dentist or hygienist will brush the teeth clean as they screen for anything that doesn’t look quite right. If your little one is not too uncomfortable, we will “take a picture” of their teeth at some point, to check for cavities or any other developmental concerns.

Aren’t They Going To Lose Those Teeth Anyway?

The tooth fairy may come for lost baby-teeth, but they are still important while they’re in the mouth. Baby teeth act as guides for the permanent teeth to grow in at the right angle, and can be predictors of your child’s future dental health. The better care you take of those baby teeth, the more important your child will view care of their permanent ones.

Need to get in for that first visit?  Call Smiles for Centreville and make your child’s appointment today!

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