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The Different Types Of Teeth In Your Smile

Do you know how the different teeth in your mouth function? Do you know how many teeth you have? Do you know the names of these teeth? Keep reading to learn more about your pearly whites.

  • Incisors: You have 4 central incisors and 4 lateral incisors. These teeth are located in the front of your mouth, and they have a sharp, straight edge used to cut food into pieces. The incisors are longer and thinner than other teeth, so they are more likely to break.
  • Canines: These 4 teeth sit in the corners of your mouth. Their sharp point (cusp) is used to rip and tear food. Canines have the longest root and are important in the formation of a good bite. They are also known by the names of cuspids and eye teeth.
  • Premolars: You have 4 first premolars and 4 second premolars. These teeth can be found along the side of your mouth, and their broad surface has 2-3 cusps used to tear and crush food. Premolars are also known as bicuspids.
  • Molars: You have 4 first molars and 4 second molars at the back of your mouth. These are the largest, widest, flattest teeth in your smile, and they have 3-4 cusps that grind food. Molars have 2-3 roots and are harder to clean because they have many grooves and are located at the back of the mouth.
  • Wisdom Teeth: These teeth are also known as third molars and you have 4 of them. They usually erupt during the young adult years and are often removed because they cannot fit in the jaw. Wisdom teeth either become impacted or only partially erupt, causing dental health problems.