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Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last four back molars that arrive are called the wisdom teeth, usually coming in near the time you become an adult. However, for many teenagers and young adults, these teeth do not bring wisdom or any positive benefits. Wisdom teeth are often growing in with limited room in the mouth, which can cause other dental problems. In some cases, it is better to remove these last molars to protect the overall health of our patients. At Smiles for Centreville, we offer gentle wisdom tooth removal in a relaxing, friendly environment.

Not everyone has problems with their wisdom teeth. Some people receive their final molars with no problems – they grow in straight, where they are meant to be without fanfare. For others, these big molars can emerge the wrong direction, pushing toward other teeth or growing out the side of the gum. Some become impacted in the gum and can cause infection, pain and other problems. When these unfortunate issues occur, it is best to remove the wisdom teeth to protect the overall oral health of the patient.

Teen Wisdom Tooth Care

To determine whether wisdom teeth need to be removed, we suggest monitoring the growth of these last molars during the late teen years. During routine checkups, we will take digital x-rays to watch the growth and help identify any issues. If they are growing in crooked or become impacted, we can remove these molars proactively to protect your teen’s smile. We have sedation available to make the experience as stressless as possible.

If your teen has problem wisdom teeth coming in or you have wisdom teeth already in place that are giving you problems, contact Smiles for Centreville today. We offer a compassionate atmosphere for tooth removal and a friendly team to help you relax during this procedure.

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