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How to Keep Your Teeth White

Centreville VA Cosmetic DentistryOnce you get your smile to that perfect shade of white, you can show it off to your heart’s content.

But the next task at hand is keeping your teeth in pristine condition. Here’s what we recommend for Centreville residents who love having bright teeth:

Watch What You Eat

All the whitening products and bleaching procedures may not be enough if you’re constantly exposing your teeth to the wrong things. Dark-colored drinks are the biggest culprit, so you’d do well to switch to water. Tomato sauce and curries should also be kept to a minimum.

Brush Often

The more frequently you remove plaque and debris, the less likely it is to settle on your whitened smile.

Get Regular Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings are the best way to remove stain that does find its way into the grooves of your enamel. At least one cleaning every six months should do the trick. Regular dental visits also give you the chance to discuss with the dentist ways you can keep your smile white.

Do Whitening Touchups

If you’ve bleached your teeth once, there’s no reason you can’t do it again when it comes time for maintenance. You may opt for another professional teeth whitening treatment or perhaps at-home over-the-counter products.

Use Remineralizing Products

There are rinses and toothpastes on the market that contain fluoride, hydroxyapatite, xylitol, and calcium phosphate. These elements aid in reducing bacteria and strengthening enamel. Strong teeth stay beautifully white!

Are you committed to maintaining the health and natural beauty of your smile?

Fortunately, we at Smiles for Centreville are also ready to do whatever it takes to help you reach your cosmetic dentistry goals. Contact us today to plan a consultation.

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