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Tips to Keep Your Smile Bright and Healthy as You Age

Centreville VA Dental Care for the ElderlyAging brings along a host of health “maintenance projects” to keep you busy. But don’t let health concerns (or a fun retirement!) distract you from taking good care of your smile.

Your oral health is connected to your overall wellness. Keep your smile healthy, and your body will thank you.

Further, taking preventative measures to maintain oral health as you age will help you avoid time-consuming dental treatment as a senior.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Stay Hydrated

Dry mouth is a frequent side-effect of medications. Without saliva, your mouth can become uncomfortable and prone to cavities, gingivitis, and fungal infections.

Talk with a Centreville dentist about saliva substitutes and saliva-boosting candies if dry mouth is an issue for you.

Avoid Hot Foods with Dentures

Natural teeth and gums can quickly sense when food is too hot to keep in the mouth. But dentures can make it hard to sense temperature, at first. If you have a partial or full denture, be cautious about putting hot food into your mouth too quickly.

Get Lots of Fluoride

Gum recession and enamel-wear can leave sensitive tooth surfaces exposed to the effects of bacteria and acids. Strengthen your teeth with fluoride-rich rinses and toothpastes. 

Shop for New Toys

If it’s getting harder for you to maneuver a toothbrush or floss, it may be time for a powered device. Electric toothbrushes and water flossers are great when hand mobility is limited.

Schedule Extra Dental Cleanings

A couple extra visits per year will help you prevent rapid tartar growth, decay, and gum inflammation.

To learn more about preventative care for senior citizens, plan a visit to Smiles for Centreville.

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