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Mouthwash and You

Did you know that antiseptic mouthwash is a significant way to keep your breath fresh and clean? Well, it’s true! Mouthwash as a part of one’s oral hygiene routine is often overlooked and as a result, more people have gum disease and halitosis. Let’s talk in more detail about how mouthwash can help your smile. […]

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The Joys of Dentures

If you have any missing teeth, the joys of dentures begin the moment you place them in your mouth. Any speech or eating impediments are dramatically decreased, and in the case of massive tooth loss, the renewal of teeth in your mouth can fill out your facial structure once more, giving you a much more […]

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Can Cavities Be Genetic?

If you’ve ever been to a dentist you’ve probably heard how important brushing and flossing are. But did you know that even if you brush, floss, and visit your dentist as often as you should, you could still find yourself with a cavity? Conversely, others may go cavity-free even with minimal dental care. While this may […]

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