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The Benefits of a Dental Sealants

“I’m Interested in Dental Sealant, But I’m Anxious About the Procedure”

To be clear, regularly brushing and flossing your teeth is absolutely essential for good oral hygiene. If you are on a regular schedule with cleaning, you’re already off to a great start.

What, then, can you also do for a healthy mouth? To start, try checking your toothbrush that you currently use. Carefully. A lot of the time, especially if you’ve been using the same brush for a while, older toothbrushes lose their effectiveness.

 If your brush’s bristles are worn or bending, they probably are missing a lot of bacteria, food remnants, and plaque in the grooves of your teeth. All these particles can build up over time and eventually cause painful cavities. 

Even with a new, sturdy toothbrush, you will likely only penetrate certain areas of your teeth. Couple this fact with business at work, taking care of your children, and other busy parts of your life, and it can be easy to see how you can fall behind on your oral hygiene. The process for having dental sealant applied is quick and painless. But people tend to get anxious that the procedure will be an ordeal. This is luckily far from the case.

Let’s quickly review the common process that your dentist will likely follow when applying dental sealant: 

Clean: First, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth. Afterward the tooth surface gets rinsed, just like normal tooth cleaning. 

Prime: Your dentist then primes your teeth with a special material. This will lightly roughen the surface of your teeth, which helps dental sealant stick to them.

Rinse & Dry: After your teeth are primed for 10-15 seconds, your dentist will rinse your teeth with water. They’ll then dry your teeth to adhere the sealant. 

Seal & Cure: After your teeth have had time to dry, your dentist will apply sealant to your teeth with a curing light. This light hardens the sealant into a plastic-like coating.

Assess the Bite: Finally, your dentist will have you bite down a few times to make sure there’s no sealant getting in the way. If there’s no build-up of sealant interfering with your bite, it means the process is complete!

And that’s the extent of the procedure. There’s no shots, no drilling, and absolutely no pain when you have dental sealant applied. You don’t even need to worry about changing up your diet — you can immediately start eating and drinking.

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