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Oral Care Tips for The New Year

2020 Oral Care TipsThe Smiles for Centreville dental office is proud to be serving our clients in order to provide them with a comfortable and pleasant dental care experience that meets and exceeds their oral care needs. Located in Centreville, Virginia, our team of skilled dental care professionals offers our clients expert-level cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry services. We are confident that our professional dental practitioners and staff will meet any and all of your unique dental needs to restore and improve your oral health.

Our team encourages all of our clients to take their oral health seriously all year round. With the holiday season quickly approaching, Smiles for Centreville understands that our clients are busy gathering with family and friends, or out shopping to find gifts for their loved ones. But even with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we want to make sure that you and your family maintain the best oral hygiene possible. Here are a few key oral care tips to keep in mind as you get ready for holiday dinners and parties alike.

A new year means a fresh opportunity to give your teeth and smile the care they deserve. Although many people decide that it’s time to purchase a gym subscription, start travelling more often, or just adopting new and healthier habits, it can be easy to forget that taking better care of your oral hygiene is just as important as ever. 

Your oral health affects not just the way your smile looks, but also your overall health in general. Many people don’t know it, but if you don’t take proper care of your oral hygiene, you can risk unpleasant health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, or even different types of cancer. Make sure to take charge of your oral health in 2020 with these helpful dental tips. 

Brush Your Teeth More Often

Remembering to brush your teeth on a regular basis can be challenging for some people. But it’s good to be brushing your teeth at least once a day. Even better is brushing two times a day or more, if you can remember to get on a solid regular schedule. Brushing your teeth multiple times a day is an incredibly easy and effective way to avoid cavities and other dental problems that come from poor oral hygiene too. 

To top it off, you should try making each brushing tooth brushing session last at least two minutes. Brushing often enough with the right amount of attention will also get rid of plaque and food particles between your teeth. Consult your dentist to figure out a brushing schedule that works for you, especially if you’re looking to improve your dental habits in the coming year. 

Eat More Mouth-Healthy Foods

It might be strange to hear, but eating certain foods is actually a great and easy way to take care of your overall oral health. This tip can be especially effective for new years resolutions, since many people are also determined to eat more healthily in general. 

Foods like vegetables, fruits, and nuts all contain large sources of dietary fiber. Foods that are high in fiber and even some dairy products can improve your dental health immensely, and can be simple to incorporate into a new year’s diet. An added bonus of switching up the foods you consume is that you may even stop eating as many sugary treats that do harm your teeth. 

The more healthy food you eat, the less likely it is that you’ll be eating sugary foods that cause plaque and tooth decay. Try talking with your dentist to figure out foods that are best for your own oral hygiene needs. 

Try Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

This tip might sound especially dubious, but chewing gum that is free of sugar can actually help prevent your teeth from decaying. When you chew gum, the saliva in your mouth starts to flow, which can help you get rid of unwanted debris between your teeth. It can even help with strengthening your tooth enamel, sincey the saliva in your mouth is rich in calcium and phosphate. 

If you do decide to take up chewing sugarless gum in the new year, make sure to look for gum brands with an ADA Sea on their packaging. You can be certain that gum brands with an ADA Seal only use sweeteners that do not cause cavities, such as aspartame.

Another handy benefit from regularly chewing sugarless gum is that you’ll avoid any buildup of plaque that gum with sugar does cause. If you’re still curious about the kinds of benefits you can get from chewing sugar-free gum on a regular basis, talk to your dentist to see how you can incorporate it into your daily dental routine. 

Schedule Regular Appointments With Your Dental Professional

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention going to your dentist more often. If you’re planning new year’s resolutions and are forming better, healthier habits, scheduling more regular appointments with your dentist is a must. 

Not only is visiting your dentist often a great way to get regular updates on your oral hygiene, but it’s also a simple way to keep learning how to keep your teeth and smile in the best condition possible. We recommend visiting your dental office at least twice a year to make sure that you don’t have any unchecked dental conditions, but even more often is always better.

We hope that these tips have put you in the right spirit to build better oral health habits in 2020. If you’re looking for more advice or are just wondering how you can get started on your road to better oral hygiene, call our dental office today to set up an appointment. We look forward to seeing you and your family in the new year!  

Smiles for Centreville hopes that you have found these oral tips helpful as you make your way into the holiday season. It’s important to remember that regular visits with your dental professional is the easiest and most effective way of keeping track of your oral health. If you live in or near Centreville, VA area and are ready to make a change in your dental experience, call Smiles for Centreville now to schedule your next appointment for the holiday season.