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Sedation Dentistry

Do fear and anxiety about a dentist appointment ever place limits on your dental health? With sedation dentistry at Smiles for Centreville, we take away your anxiety so that you remain completely relaxed during your dental treatment. You won’t feel anything during the procedure, and, most likely, you will remember little about it afterward. Make dental anxiety a thing of the past!


What To Expect When Sedated

You should expect to feel relaxed while sedated. To be on the safe side you will need to arrange for a ride to and from your appointment. Since some sedatives take bit longer to wear off, it’s possible you may not remember much from your procedure. In fact, many patients say they feel as though they have just woken from a great nap once the medication wears off.


Types of Sedation Offered

We are pleased to offer three types of sedation for our patients: oral, inhalation conscious and I.V. conscious sedation. We will look at your medical history, the type of dental treatment you are scheduled for, and your personal preference to determine the right alternative for you.


Oral sedation: If you don’t like needles, this type of sedation may be the perfect option for you! Instead you either swallow a sedative medication or let it dissolve under your tongue prior to the procedure. You’ll feel the effects of oral sedation within minutes.

Inhalation conscious sedation: This option is also known as nitrous oxide or laughing gas and is a great anti-anxiety medication. You simply breathe it through your nose during treatment and you’ll be able to relax.

IV conscious sedation: Typically used mainly for major dental procedures, IV conscious sedation is administered through an IV while you are in the office. Smiles for Centreville is proud to work with Dr. Teresa Roberts, a board-certified anesthesiologist for all of your sedation needs.


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