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iTero Intraoral Scanner

itero scanner

iTero Intraoral Scanner for Precision Imaging

At Smiles for Centreville, we are committed to offering the most advanced options to our patients for superior oral health. This includes investing in the latest dental technology to facilitate the highest level of care. Imaging is integral to achieving excellence in dentistry, which is why our dentists use the iTero intraoral scanner to give us the most accurate and precise imaging for performing orthodontic and restorative dental procedures.

The iTero intraoral scanner gives our dental team the ability to create 3D images of your teeth without the need for physical impressions. The scanner uses digital technology to recreate the shape of your teeth to provide the specifications for creating restorative implements or to correct misalignments. The process is quicker and less invasive than making an impression of your teeth while providing accurate dimensions for quicker fittings.

See the Outcome of Your Invisalign Treatment!

One of many benefits of the iTero intraoral scanner is for our Invisalign patients. With a special application, the scanner can create a visual preview of what your smile will look like after your Invisalign treatment is complete. The digital software can predict the movement of your teeth using the clear aligners and show you the smile you can look forward to achieving.

Accurate Scans for Precision Restorative Dentistry

No more messy impressions when you need a new dental crown or a customized dental implant. The iTero intraoral scanner is designed to give us accurate images of your teeth and jaw to help us create perfect restorations for your smile. Dental bridges, crowns and custom implants take less time to design and fit using this technology, which means less time in the dental chair for you.

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