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Happy patientHaving the disorder of Oral Lichen Planus is tough. It is hard to drink, chew, eat, and talk. The oral Lichen Planus is often found in the oral cavity. This disorder may happen in all age groups, usually the most affected are the women who are over the age of 50 years. According to the American Academy of Oral Medicine, it can appear in the mouth in several different patterns. The reticular pattern is commonly found on the cheeks as lacy web-like, white threads that are slightly raised. Now the questions are, How would you know if you have oral Lichen Planus? How would you know if you are infected with this disorder?

So here are some of the Symptoms of Oral Lichen Planus:

  • Burning sensation or pain. If you feel the burning sensation or pain, it is due to some nerve problems that are happening in your mouth. Better to consult with your dentist.
  • Sensitivity to hot, acidic or spicy foods. If you feel pained when you drink coffee or cold water as well as when you eat apples or spicy noodles it is one of the symptoms of having oral lichen planus. Better to see an expert to know what the real condition of your mouth is.
  • Bleeding and irritation with tooth brushing. If you think that it is normal that your teeth are bleeding when you start brushing your teeth well then, you’re wrong. If you experience Bleeding and irritation, it is better to consult with your dentist immediately to avoid complications.
  • Inflammation of the gums or gingivitis. Gum disease starts with the bacterial growth in your mouth and if not treated will result in tooth loss. Due to the damage to tissues in your teeth. Consult with your dentist directly to see if it is treatable or not.
  • Discomfort when speaking, chewing or swallowing. If you feel these symptoms that you’re not comfortable when talking to someone or if it’s not easy eating your favorite meal, visit your dentist straightway to avoid the difficulties that will be the reason of the more significant dental problem.

If you experience, these symptoms set an appointment with your dentist right away, because Oral Lichen Planus can be controlled but not eliminated. Seek for the advice of the expert about what is best to keep your mouth healthy and how to cure these symptoms.

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