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An Abscess or Other Gum Infection Needs Professional Treatment

A toothache or a general feeling of pain, pressure or discomfort in the gums is often a serious symptom of a serious problem that requires professional treatment. In many of these cases, the problem can be linked to a general infection or an abscess forming in the gums. This is even more likely to be the cases if you have a tooth in that area suffering from an untreated cavity.

Without timely treatment at [practice_name], this infection could spread to the blood, leading to a dangerous condition known as septicemia.

In some cases, a mild infection can be treated by antibiotics and other non-invasive treatment methods. For a serious, acute infection, Dr. [doctor_name] might need to extract the abscess and other compromised tissues in an oral surgical procedure.

If you need to be fully sedated, you will need to arrange to have someone drive you home and help while you fully regain your senses.

After the extraction, Dr. [doctor_name] might prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, or painkillers. Your oral surgeon will provide you with any other necessary aftercare measures to prevent complications while your gums heal.

If concerned that you might have an infection or abscess in [city], [state], you should call [phone] to seek treatment at [practice_name].